[Low-Calorie Dinner] Chinese Spicy Chili Meatless Chicken & Peanuts with Cauliflower Rice, Quinoa & Vegetables

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RiCORiCO 200-300 Calories Dinner Series

Sugar-less, Meatless Light Dinner Choices

RicoRico offers you ready-to-eat cauliflower fried rice with many other super foods and vegetables in one meal!


Zero white rice added

Amazing! It tastes better than fried rice!

Heat it up for only 5 minutes and serve

Zero refined carbs. Low in sugar and high in dietary fiber. Calories per meal are reduced by half

Meatless Chicken contains high-quality vegetarian protein.



[Limited time special price will be changed to vegan product next week]

Lacto-ovo vegetarian chili pepper Kung Pao future chicken is about to retire

Last 1000 packs, five-day countdown special offer $129 


Vegetable broiler chicken is mainly made from high-quality concentrated soy protein

It is an innovative raw material with lower carbon water and higher net protein value


Each is designed to be easily enjoyed by a single person

Listen to the sugar-reducing life you want, RicoRico makes it easy to try vegetable food.

[Five-color fresh vegetable white cauliflower rice upgrade]

The refreshing low-calorie white cauliflower rice has eggs, which has always disappointed friends who don't eat eggs.After hearing your voice, we finally spent two months to develop a non-squishy,Also remove the "protein-free cauliflower" of scrambled eggs!

The taste is still what everyone likes
The flavorful golden quinoa vegetable fried rice feels.


Net weight: 300g

Lactostin | No Five Sings

Light truck five-color fresh vegetable white cauliflower rice series

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Meatless, Sugarless Life | Real Food of the Future